Cover story: Hydrema 922G lands in NZ

Hydrema, the company renowned for producing some of the best off-road dump trucks, has recently released the 922G, and the first of many has just landed in NZ

With maximum traction, better grip, and record low ground pressure, Hydrema’s 922G Series has been designed to shift material wherever it’s needed with efficiency. Couple this with new features such as payload measuring and hoist assistance, and the 922G is as safe as it is quick.

Cab and controls

Great all-round visibility with plenty of glass and narrow cab pillars

Access to the cab is aided with generously sized steps and handrails, making the climb safe and easy. The Hydrema’s cab provides great all-round visibility with plenty of glass and narrow cab pillars. An unobstructed view to the front and sides is obtained and helped further by a sloping engine cover. The air-suspended seat soaks up the remaining bumps from the visco-elastic suspended cab mounts, giving a smooth ride in all ground conditions.

Most of the switches are conveniently mounted on the two right-hand cab pillars, allowing them to be easily identified and reached. With the press of a button, the right-hand joystick raises and lowers the body. Incorporated into the top of the joystick are forward/reverse and plus, minus, and neutral gear selection buttons. A holding brake for use when tipping the body is included. Large mirrors provide a good view to the rear. These are heated and can be electrically adjusted by controls in the cab.

Engine and driveline

Most of the switches are conveniently mounted on the two right-hand cab pillars

In rough terrain, engine power and torque make all the difference. Equipped with the EGR-free six-cylinder Cummins B6.7

Stage-V engine and an intelligent six-gear ZF soft-shift transmission, the performance of the 922G Series is better than any previous 20-tonne dump truck from Hydrema, the manufacturer says.

The intelligent transmission effectively translates the engine’s 314hp and 1288Nm of torque into the maximum tractive effort. Moreover, the advanced transmission shifting system guarantees a smooth gear shift, preventing the wheels from slipping and continuing to provide maximum torque and traction. At the same time, the improved fuel economy and longer maintenance intervals between the changing of fuel and oil filters contribute to a reduced cost of operation and lower total cost of ownership.

Design and maintenance

The dumper body features a steep tip angle of 70 degrees

The Hydrema 922G has been carefully designed and built to last. Quality Hardox steel is used in the construction of the dumper body and features a steep tip angle of 70 degrees for a full discharge of sticky material in 7.5 seconds up and 5.5 seconds down.

To achieve a low tare weight while retaining durability, high tensile steel is used in the fabrication of the chassis. The engine bonnet electrically opens for easy access to the engine and cooling system and opens well forward to provide maximum room.

Unique to Hydrema is the pendulum bar centre pivot with double hydraulic stabilisers. This design ensures excellent stability while driving and when tipping the body and allows +/- 12 degrees oscillation. An auto-grease system is fitted to provide constant lubrication of the pins, dramatically increasing their service life.

Performance and handling

Hydrema’s 922G Series has been designed to shift material wherever it’s needed with efficiency

When loaded, operators report the 922G is amazingly smooth to ride in, even when travelling at a variety of speeds over undulating ground. The electronically-controlled hydraulic front suspension soaks up the bumps well and helps provides an exceptionally smooth ride in the cab, assisted by a comfortable air-suspended seat that has plenty of adjustment.

The steering wheel is also adjustable, so getting into a favourite driving position is simple as all the controls are well placed and easy to reach. The Cummins engine provides plenty of punch and doesn’t give in without a fight when pulling fully loaded up steep haul roads.

The transmission can be operated in auto or manual modes, changed simply by the push of a button.

Retarder system

The Hydrema 922G has been carefully designed and built to last

The powerful retarder system is a combination of engine brake and hydraulic retarder. It’s operated via the ‘Retarder Joystick’ located in the right armrest and will significantly relieve the service brake when travelling downhill. With the 922G Series, Hydrema also introduced a new Brake-Care system. If the brakes overheat, the operator receives a warning in the dashboard to react upon, accompanied by an acoustic alarm.

Payload measuring system

To increase efficiency and prevent underload/overload of the 922G, Hydrema has developed a payload measuring system. When activated, the system calculates the payload via pressure sensors and angle of the vehicle, where the calculated payload then is shown to the operator in the dashboard.

Short tipping cycles

Hydrema has focused on making the tipping process as fast as possible. The five-pump hydraulic system ensures that steering and tipping never feel sluggish. The separate pumps provide independent control of steering and tipping functions, so the vehicle can be positioned while initiating tipping. The two powerful tipping cylinders underneath the dump truck body are well protected and have a short stroke length, which enables the body to be raised quickly and provide faster unloading. The electric-servo controls enable new features for smooth tipping, which provides a soft start and stop when raising and lowering the body.

Along with expanded functionality, the ‘auto-body-return’ system now includes auto-raising of the body. The automatic tipping throttle will increase the engine speed when the tipping function is activated to raise the body faster. To improve safety in the tipping process, the hoist assistance, which is an inclination indicator in the dashboard, provides the operator with an alarm if it’s unsafe to tip.

Other models

Hydrema 912

The dump truck features a massive all-glass cab

The most popular of the Hydrema range to date, the 912 can be the perfect combination of speed, agility, compactness, and off-road abilities. By utilising air suspension, the 912 can move faster than a typical dump truck, while its oversized tyres assist it in moving through the muddiest of work sites, the manufacturer says.

With its massive all-glass cab, owners can be assured their operators have minimal blind spots and a near-uninterrupted view of the site. The air suspended seat provides all-day comfort, while ergonomic controls make it a breeze to operate.

Hydrema 707G

The Hydrema 707G boasts 360-degree visibility

One of the most recent additions is the compact 707G powerhouse, with all the class-leading features of its larger siblings, packed into a traditional seven-tonne site dumpers dimensions. Offering industry-leading 360-degree visibility, a low-to-ground design, reverse camera, and a 180-degree multi-tip bin, this machine is as safe as it’s practical. Its signature 600mm wide tyres help it to conquer the same type of terrains as its larger siblings. 

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