Product feature: First Hidromek for Gisborne customer

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Supplied

Magnum Equipment continues to make the presence of Hidromek felt with the delivery of another excavator to the east coast of the North Island

Selwyn Pohatu has received the first Hidromek excavator in the Gisborne area

The first Hidromek excavator has arrived in Gisborne and owner Selwyn Pohatu has a serious smile on his face; the director of Eastland Machinery & Tractors Limited being the first one to kick the new machine into action.

Well-known in this neck of the woods, Selwyn’s business has a focus on varied contracting work with a particular bent recently on rural work, and in the case of Deals on Wheels visit, the beginnings of a Rockit apple orchard.

Arrival day in Gisborne

For those who don’t know, Rockit apples are a recently new development on the New Zealand horticultural scene. Briefly described, they are small apples that are sold in recyclable plastic tubes, grown in some 10 countries and popular with children, athletes, and anyone who enjoys the tasty fruit.

But, like any ground grown crop, it must first start out being planted, and this is where Selwyn and others with fuel-powered machinery are at the forefront of agricultural development by getting steel into the earth and prepping for the planting stage.

Roading and load out pads are the job at hand

The first stage of earthworks on the latest site will involve roading and load out pads prior to other contractors coming in and setting up the fencing and posts before the property is ready for receiving new trees.

"What we’re doing is pretty standard work for a new orchard, although, I couldn’t tell you if the set-up for the trees is any different, as we’re onto our next job before any of that happens," says Selwyn.

Wise choice

From this end, it looks like Selwyn has made a wise choice with his latest purchase, after placing his trust in the Hidromek brand and East Coast territory manager Phil Means.

Being the first Hidromek in the Gisborne area would have no doubt been foremost in mind when purchasing, and Selwyn says he looked closely at the product and the company supplying it before making the final buying decision.

"He did thorough research before we sat down and put it all together, so I’m confident that working together we found the best solution for the varied work that the business carries out," says Phil.

Stable platform

The Hidromek HMK145LCSR has an operating weight of 16,600kg

Weighing in at around 16.5 tonnes, the HMK145LCSR (LCSR=long carriage short radius) is designed to provide a work base that keeps the short radius excavator stable in a multitude of work environments.

Even though there’s no need to worry about the counterweight interfering with close objects on the current job site, it will certainly come in handy when the machine gets its teeth into an urban environment.

"I unloaded the machine from the transporter and straight away, I could feel it was well-balanced," says Selwyn. To assist with stability, the HMK145LCSR undercarriage is fitted with seven lower rollers and two upper rollers. Also standard are the 600mm triple grouser shoes.

Solid graft

Powered by a 98hp (73kW) @2000rpm Isuzu engine, the Hidromek HMK145LCSR will deliver some 385Nm of gross torque at 1600rpm—more than enough for solid graft, especially with what the machine has been tasked with on its first day.

The job at hand on delivery day and a nice way to break the excavator in is some straightforward digging as a large level paddock begins the transition into a soon-to-be income-producing orchard. "I used the machine for a while, then Phil pushed some buttons, and it’s now just the way I like it," says Selwyn.

Hydraulic power

Tasked with moving the business part of the excavator, namely the digging arm, are Kawasaki double variable displacement axial piston pumps, each providing a maximum flow of 129 litres per minute.

A pilot pump runs alongside these two main pumps and outputs 20 litres per minute.
Double-hydraulic piping allows the easy fitting of additional attachments and auto-greasing—an option on the R145LC-3SR—removes the daily grind of grease gun use.


As new areas get established, Magnum Equipment says service agents are appointed to ensure owners have close support when needed. "We’re realists and know that equipment can break down from time to time and servicing needs to be done fast and efficiently," says Phil.

"In our case and like we do in all new areas, we’ve engaged a local provider who’s well-respected in the industry, and this ensures our regional support for Hidromek is available to owners through the life cycle of the machine."


With the Eastland Machinery & Tractors team a regular sight throughout the East Coast, chances are high that their distinctive Hidromek excavator will be easy to pick out from the crowd.

"As I see it, there’s absolutely nothing to dislike about these machines; the solid build and quality makes them a serious choice for buyers, and they’re so good-looking," says Phil.

"We now have a firm foothold in the area with a good number of machines now situated on the East Coast, although, it’s satisfying to crack into the Gisborne area itself now."

Hidromek HMK145LCSR specifications

Operating weight 16,600kg
Engine Isuzu AJ-4JJ1X
Type 4-cylinder turbo, line type direct inject
Power (gross) 98hp (73kW) @2000rpm
Max Torque (gross) 385Nm @1600rpm
Shoe Tripe grouser 600mm
No Shoes 2 x 46
Lower Rollers 2 x 7
Upper Rollers 2 x 2
Speed 3–7km/h
Main Pump Double variable displacement axial piston pumps
Max Flow 2 x 129L/min
Pilot pump flow 20L/min

Standard arm 2300mm

Max Dig Reach 8210mm

Max dig reach at ground level

Max dig depth 5360mm
Max dig height 9270mm
Max dump height 6690mm
Min dump height 2720mm
Min swing radius 1990mm

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