Product feature: Dymax Tree Shears

Boss Attachments believes that their Dymax Tree Shears can really make a positive difference for wilding pine problem

Dymax Tree Shears help deliver the cut-through needed for wilding pine problem

With the fiery blast of a La Nina heatwave predicted to sweep across New Zealand this summer, the vexing problem of wilding pines has certainly ratcheted up to a much more alarming level.

To date, it’s estimated that the problem created by this windblown and self-seeding invasion has grown to cover more than 1.8 million hectares throughout the country and is growing steadily at a yearly rate of around five percent.

As well as the extreme fire risk that it presents, these pestilent conifers are also responsible for a range of other serious problems, such as reductions in grazing land, soil acidification, calcium depletion, and degradation of rural waterways.

Paul Herbison of Boss Attachments believes that their Dymax Tree Shears can help provide contractors, local bodies, and conservation groups with a safe and cost-effective solution to assist in the remediation of widespread regions.

"Obviously, the size and scale of the problem means that it needs to be addressed in a number of ways, but in those sectors suitable for excavator operation, our Dymax Tree Shears can really make a positive difference," says Paul.

"For starters, with an average cutting rate of 100 to 180 trees per hour, they can provide the level of productivity that a project of this size needs. Then there’s the fact that in addition to cutting the trees, these shears can also lift and place them in a single location that allows for easier removal and/or disposal of the fallen timber."

For more than 130 years, the Dymax brand has been at the sharp end of product development and manufacture of quality equipment for a number of industries, including rail, forestry, and the construction sectors.

"Their range of tree shears and other attachments for the forestry sector are today the recognised global leaders for proven design and uncompromising performance," says Paul.
"Since they were introduced here three years ago, our New Zealand clients have been really impressed with the performance and production that these shears deliver, so much so, that one of those customers now owns three of them."

All Dymax Tree Shears provide advanced safety for excavator operators and feature dual grapple arms that secure the tree prior to shearing. Options include a bunching arm, tilt or rotator, custom-built gatherer that cuts multiple stems in specific operations, and a hydraulic tilt rotator that provides side-to-side tilt, allowing operators to adjust to the tree trunk or limb when working on uneven ground.

The range includes 250mm to 700mm cut sizes and they are suitable for use with a wide range of excavators or skid steers. "We have models available for sale or hire right now and we’re happy to discuss a demonstration," says Paul.

For further information, contact Paul Herbison 027 290 8306 or visit

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