Business feature: Harrison Bulk Haulage

Xcentric Crusher buckets, designed to resist wear and high stresses, will now be available for hire at Harrison Bulk Haulage

After three years of crushing in the remote East Cape of Gisborne, Steve Allan, company owner of Harrison Bulk Haulage Ltd (HBH) has come to the conclusion that although Boss Attachments might not have invented the crusher bucket, they have certainly perfected it with the Xcentric Crusher Bucket.

Xcentric Crusher buckets are designed to resist wear and high stresses

HBH, in turn, has perfected using the crusher buckets; in some cases, they say, they are able to produce double the manufacturer’s specs per hour. For instance using abit of simple kiwi ingenuity and turning the bucket around and using it quarter on to the stockpile seems to have saved a lot of time.

Setting it up in face shovel form straight under the mobile screen with 20 mil to 150 mil product feeding directly into it, HBH says they can produce 70 cubic metres per hour of crushed 65 mil.

"This has to be good for a 20-tonne digger and crusher bucket sitting stationary without an operator in it," Steve says. "This does, however, require a bit of skill from the operator feeding the screen. They need to be able to keep the jaw chocked enough to produce good product but at the same time, not overflow the bucket with feed that would contaminate the product on the ground.

"We had an Aussie out here from Boss Attachments who saw our operation with the screen and the bucket who simply shook his head and walked away mumbling why the hell had they not thought of that."

Steve adds that he has nothing but praise for the buckets and the back-up service from Paul Herbison from Boss Attachments.

"After several conversations with Paul, we have decided to go to the market with hireage of our machines, which will be wet hire with us supplying skilled operators for maximum productivity," Steve says.

For more information, contact Steve on 027 355 5639.

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