Product feature: OSA MC series

Boss Attachments introduces the latest OSA MC 40 Multi Shear to the New Zealand demolition industry

OSA MC40 makes short work of reinforcing steel and concrete

At a recent commissioning, Boss Attachments introduced the latest OSA MC 40 Multi Shear to the New Zealand demolition industry. Recognised worldwide as one of the most versatile and technically advanced universal attachments currently available, the OSA MC series is able to satisfy virtually every type of primary or secondary demolition application via its large range of interchangeable jaw options, Boss Attachment says.

"In addition to its awesome, jaw-dropping power and performance, the MC series is uniquely versatile with interchangeable jaws," says Paul Herbison of Boss Attachments. "This means that it can be easily adapted to operate as a combi cutter, steel sheer, concrete crusher, pulveriser, or even a timber shear."

The owner of the new MC40 is Waikato Demolition Ltd and the attachment has been fitted with a multi-shear jaw. This will enable it to cut both steel and concrete as a single unit.
Waikato Demolition has developed a reputation across hundreds of challenging projects, ranging from residential houses to multi-storey buildings, and the MC40 is the seventh OSA attachment they have purchased.

Waikato Demolition GM Andrew Proudlock with the new OSA MC40 attachment

"OSA has a great range and their products consistently deliver the reliability and performance that we need, plus the service that we get from Paul is really great," says Waikato Demoilition general manager Andrew Proudlock.

In addition to the new MC40, the other OSA attachments currently being used at Waikato Demolition include an SH35 steel shear, three grapples, two grabs, an MC20 that’s equipped with a steel shear head, and a recently purchased GR20 grab that features a full 360-degree hydraulic rotation for precise positioning. 

"This industry operates under extremely tight deadlines, as well as Worksafe and environmental regulations", says Andrew. 

"That’s why we place real importance on always having the equipment on hand that meets those requirements and is up to the specific tasks we undertake."

The OSA GR20 greatly improves demolition efficiency

An example of this specificity is the OSA SH 35 demolition steel shear that was purchased five years ago for certain project types. Their recently purchased GR20 grab, which is referenced above, has also quickly made its mark through the improved efficiencies that it delivers to projects such as house demolition.

Boss Attachments Ltd distributes the OSA range throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. In addition to demolition shears, the Italian-manufactured OSA range includes demolition tools, pulverisers, multi-systems, hammers, and rotating grabs. "When it comes to unrivalled power and performance, OSA products are world-beaters and in an absolute class of their own," says Paul.

For further information, contact Paul Herbison 027 290 8306 or visit

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