Video: pimped-out 2012 Peterbilt truck

Check out this impressive fully custom-built 2012 Peterbilt from Truck Works Ltd.

I guess Mark Rossiter is getting used to the stares and pointed fingers by now, as he slowly guides the pimped-out Peterbilt 388 along the Mount Maunganui waterfront. A little further back up the road, as expected, a group of truckies who were fuelling up their rigs stopped mid-conversation to watch as we cruised by; no doubt their prior conversation being immediately been dropped in favour of this custom truck.

The wide-eyed looks from members of the public as the Peterbilt passes by are even more proof that trucks like this can still drop the jaws of the visually overloaded and make toddlers bounce up and down in their pushchairs in an effort to make their parents get them alongside for a closer view.

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