Video: Bromell Transport's Isuzu Giga CYJ530

The Ed catches a ride in Bromell Transport's Isuzu Giga CYJ530 from Christchurch to Nelson in this video.

With intermittent cellphone and radio reception along numerous stretches of the winding mountainous route, there can be plenty of time to get lost in one’s thoughts while still remaining vigilant to the continuously changing road conditions that the weather in this region can throw at a trucker. I hitched a one-way ride to experience what’s encountered on the night run.

It is a road that Solloway knows well, having driven it for many years with a previous employer. He’s been with Bromell Transport for over ten years, but it is only in the last few weeks that he has moved from the nightly Nelson to Christchurch via the East Coast run onto the new/old route.

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