Water-blasting a Mitsubishi FH140

Lyndsay Whittle calls in Aquamax to give the Mitsubishi FH140 he’s restoring a high-pressure waterblasting.

After giving the Mitsi the once-over, I had to decide how I was going to tackle the rust removal job and I quickly realised that there were several possible options at hand.

My first option was to do it the mean man’s way and endure up to a week of wire brushing, both by manual and mechanical methods, but given that that was going to involve spending much of the time (probably up to a week) on the underside, receiving a liberal coating of dust on my aging body in the process, I rapidly backed away from that option.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that essentially I’m really a lazy little so-and-so and I was able to kick option number one into touch almost immediately.

So I decided to go with option two – the water jetting option – and I gave the guys from Aquamax a call.

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