Hammar offers world-first electric-powered sideloader in NZ

Hammar says they’ve released the world’s first electric-powered sideloader and plans to offer the new, environmentally friendlier option to customers in NZ

The move follows successful ​​trials of a prototype electric-powered sideloader with several Hammar customers in Australia over the past seven years. With that experience proving successful, the business has launched its electric power pack on a worldwide scale in the first major push towards green alternatives in the sideloader industry.

"I can confirm we will be offering the electrified sideloader option for the New Zealand market, and we do have a customer who’s very interested in electric vehicles that we are talking to," says Fred Sandberg, managing director of Hammar New Zealand.


The company says electric power suits sideloaders well as the handling time of the cranes, which averages two to five minutes per stop, takes up only a small part of a working day where much of the time is spent on transportation.

A fully charged electric power pack, known as an ‘ePP’, provides sufficient stored energy for consecutive lifts with a 35-​tonne weight. It can be charged by the truck while driving in addition to being charged by ​a ​plug-in (230V) at a terrestrial base.

"We have a customer today in Australia who doesn’t have to stop to charge the sideloader at all, and the charging during transport is enough to last for a whole week without plug-in charging," says Bengt-Olof Hammar, CEO and owner of Hammar.

"This same scenario will apply to many of our customers. In combination with plug-in charging, the ‘ePP’ will work great for anyone with some transport distance."

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