Ford unveils fully electric and autonomous truck concept

Ford unveiled the futuristic-looking F-Vison at the recent Commercial Motor Show in Hanover

Operating with a fully-electric drivetrain, the vehicle is said to be capable of pulling large loads with ease and there is strong speculation that it will feature a drivetrain developed by Bosch Global.

F-Vision is said to be capable of pulling large loads with ease

It is understood the stylish concept vehicle has been designed with self-driving capabilities and will be operated under the command of a dedicated driver, hence the wraparound windscreen and entry-exit door located on the left-hand-side near the rear of the cab.

Industry commentators have compared the F-Vision to Tesla’s electric heavy truck offering and say should Ford move into commercial production, it will help normalise electric heavy vehicles in the transportation industry, especially on short haul runs once infrastructure is in place for efficient charging of large electric vehicles.

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