Old School Trucks Nelson Loggers: Part 2

By: Dean Middleton, Photography by: Dean Middleton

1 part2 B. Tucker and Sons from Mapua ran a couple of Mack R-Models 1 part2
10 part2 Pictured when near new in 1988, this stunning Mack Superliner was put on the road by Mytton Brothers 10 part2
11 part2 A Nissan Diesel CW380 operated by Bushline Freight 11 part2
13 part2 McKenzie Transport also ran this 143H Scania 13 part2
19 part2 Brett Mytton was the proud owner of this cool Mack Ultra Liner 19 part2
20 part2 Taylor Contracting played a big part at the time carting heavy equipment for the logging industry in the Nelson region 20 part2
14 part2 Brightwater Haulage carted woodchips from the Baigent’s Eves Valley timber mill to Port Nelson with this 4450 Foden 14 part2
12 part2 McKenzie Transport later changed the colour scheme to bright red, as seen here, on their E-Series ERF 12 part2
8part2 This 143H Scania named ‘Lumber Liner’ was operated my H.P.H Trucking 8part2
5 part2 Mike Gifford operated this E-Series ERF of Blenheim 5 part2

Check out Part 2 of the Nelson Loggers, Old School trucks from the 80's and 90's that were popular in New Zealand before they phased out into a joint venture called G4 Logging

This month, we look at some more independent logging and small fleet operators from the Nelson region in the ’80s and ’90s before the landscape changed when four of the major logging transport companies in the region entered into a joint venture and became G4 Logging.


The colourful and individual liveries were to all but disappear for some years when the G4 Logging group adopted a bright but plain yellow colour scheme.

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