Behind the wheel with TR Master Drive

Climb behind the wheel with TR Master Drive trainer Jane Dowdeswell in this short video.

TR Master Drive trainer Jane Dowdeswell’s career in heavy transport kicked into high gear after selling the computer company that she owned with her husband.

"He wanted to go to university and study for a master’s degree in computer science, which has now led to a PhD."

On a less academic, but equally important quest, Dowdeswell’s foray in heavy transport was cultivated by a friend in the industry.

"I enjoyed driving and had a friend who was a truck driver, so I studied, got my licence and this is where I am today," she says.

"I didn’t want to get to retirement wishing that I hadn’t tried something special like this."

After a number of years working in general freight, Dowdeswell found an opportunity to combine her passion of driving with that of training and is one of TR Master Drive Services trainers.

She says the job is very rewarding and enables her to pass on knowledge helping people to better their skills and ultimately their careers.

"If you learn one new thing a day, it keeps your mind healthy."

As well as delivering training programmes with heavy vehicles, TR Master Drive run courses and on a variety of transport related topics: including sidelifters, forklifts, and assessing Class 1 drivers who have been assigned company vehicles.

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