Spotted: Tesla Semi charging at Megacharger

By: Shannon Williams, Photography by:

A prototype of the Tesla Semi has been spotted at the Megacharger charging station at Tesla Giga Nevada


It’s one of the first Megacharging stations at the Giga Nevada battery Gigafactory and the first time a truck has been seen using the charging station.

Tesla started preparations for its DC fast charging infrastructure rollout across the US to support the launch of Tesla Semi battery-electric, long-range trucks. The new black and white terminals feature a drive-thru layout, necessary to handle large and long vehicles like the Semi and Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla unveiled the electric semi-truck back in 2017, saying deliveries would start in 2019. However, the programme has seen several delays. Volume production is expected to still be years out at Gigafactory Texas, but there are reports a low volume production line is being built in a building near Gigafactory Nevada.

It’s the first time a Tesla Semi has been seen using the charging station

The Tesla Semi programme is set up to produce up to five trucks per week. However, battery supply constraints meant the programme was held back. The truck also promises a very high-power output (expected to reach up to a few megawatts, compared to 0.25MW in the case of V3 Superchargers).

Tesla also received a visit from PepsiCo executives to check out the Megacharger and the Tesla Semi production line. The visit comes after PepsiCo chief executive Ramon Laguarta said he’s expecting Tesla Semi electric truck deliveries before the end of this year. The company plans to purchase a total of 100 trucks.

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