EROAD says new logbook helps fatigue management

EROAD launches new NZTA-approved app and cloud-based administrative platform called EROAD Day Logbook


Transport tech company EROAD has launched an NZTA-approved new app and cloud-based administrative platform that they say reduces the administrative time of managing driver compliance and makes it easier for commercial drivers to comply with logbook rules and regulations.

Called EROAD Day Logbook, the app supports drivers to keep on top of their work or rest hours through either Android or iOS devices. By doing this, they say, record-keeping is simplified through investigative tools that examine the driver’s workday, providing accurate data that aid workflows and driver coaching.

Steven Newman, CEO of EROAD, says, "We designed EROAD Day Logbook with the driver in mind because we wanted to make it really easy for them to use. Only a few clicks or swipes are needed for proactive time management, and this is supported by automated alerts."


Steven Newman at the launch of EROAD Day Logbook

EROAD Day Logbook features​

  • Intuitively capture work and rest hours using a secure authenticated login​ 
  • Proactive alerts and traffic light indicators make complying with the logbook rules and regulations easy​ 
  • Ability to display and e-mail logbook data to support roadside inspections as required​
  • Assists the driver to remain on top of their responsibility for health and safety compliance, with a seamless link to EROAD Inspect​ 
  • Easily accessed—available for both iOS and Android and viewable on smartphone or tablet 
  • In recognition that fatigue management is more than just counting hours, EROAD says it’s also launched the EROAD Pit-Stop. Staffed by St John, this will tour selected truck stops and depots, providing a free and confidential mini-health check to drivers.     

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