Komatsu announces 230-tonne 830E-5 dump truck

Komatsu releases its most technologically advanced 240-US tonne class truck the company has produced to date


In what they say is a major update, Komatsu has released the 830E-5, a 230 metric tonne capacity dump truck, said to be the most technologically advanced 240-US tonne class truck the company has produced to date.

Powered by a Cummins QSK60 diesel engine rated at a standard 2500hp (gross) and with a 2700hp option for greater speed on grade, it incorporates the latest engine and drive system technology, as well as capacity and availability improvements.

According to Jason Arthur, Komatsu’s national product manager—mining, the new engine and drive system features deliver improved performance, intelligent parasitic load control on the engine, up to 80% lower particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions, and better fuel efficiency.

"Komatsu’s 830E has been a long-standing haulage solution in mining for over 30 years," he says. "It’s developed a reputation for very high levels of machine availability and structural integrity over its entire asset life.

"So, when it was time for a model update, it was imperative to preserve these attributes, as well as offering sustainable improvements and safety enhancements incorporating the latest Komatsu technology to ensure our customers can further reduce their costs per tonne."

Advances in the engine and drive system parasitic load management on the 830E-5 reduces fuel consumption by up to five percent compared with the previous model. Additionally, the truck can be fitted with on-chassis after-treatment technology allowing it to comply with stringent Tier 4 Final emissions standards.

"These latest model improvements also reduce external noise emissions; in fact Komatsu says the trucks total environmental operational footprint has been significantly reduced compared with previous models," says Arthur.

"Komatsu’s robust frame design process and the enduring structural integrity of its predecessors gave us the confidence to re-rate the new 830E-5 model with a higher standard payload.

"In addition, it has a generous option allowance that permits it to carry more than 230 metric tonnes, depending on local option configurations. "And while the 830E-5 is the most technologically advanced model released to date, we’ve maintained our commitment to delivering industry-leading levels of availability, reliability, low-labour intensity maintenance, and long frame life."

Maintenance-intensity reductions include extended-service consumable intervals, extended oil change intervals, a maintenance-free retard control system, brushless AC motors across the truck, and flange type rims.

A major feature of the new truck is its new-generation Komatsu cab, which Arthur says was the largest and most comfortable available. "This is the same cab we recently introduced on our 930E-5 truck, and it has received consistently positive operator feedback and acceptance.

"With noise levels at the operator’s ear of less than 79dBA and significantly reduced whole-of-body vibration levels due to an improved isolated mounting system, it meets the most demanding ergonomic requirements.

"It’s also designed to be completely gender-neutral, with the operating controls and interface designed for easy and low-effort operation. And it incorporates the full range of dispatch and visual aids that are essential for today’s demanding mining operations.

"The 830E-5 cab design is the same as the 930E-5 model that was released nearly two years ago and it’s something that has been very positively commented on by operators during our extensive and robust pre-production to field-follow process.

The incorporation of a range mine management options that are available for the 830E-5 further improves visibility of operations and operator safety. The new 830E-5 has also been designed to provide a platform for future technology expansion, including autonomous operation using Komatsu’s FrontRunner system, and trolley-assist electric/diesel drive options.

"Our new truck incorporates features that further lower the cost-per-tonne of extracting and hauling materials, taking advantage of Komatsu’s technology innovation and expertise while also ensuring we continue to deliver the industry’s leading benchmarks in reliability, availability and maintainability. "In addition to these significant major changes, our 830E-5 includes many small improvements, which will contribute to lower-cost, more productive mine haulage operations."  

Komatsu 830E-5 dump truck truck specifications

Standard payload

230 tonnes (subject to final specification)
Capacitiy (2:1 heaped), 158m3
Loading height


Engine Komatsu SDA16V160 diesel rated at 2500hp (1865kW) gross (2700hp option available); Tier 4 Final option compatible; drive, AC current with AC torque control system 
Maximum speed 64.5km/h

Continuous rated electric dynamic retarder


50/80 R57

Overall length


Overall width 8.95m

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