Volvo extends range of electrified buses

Volvo Buses is extending its range of electrified buses with an all-electric articulated bus for quiet and emission-free high-capacity operations—the Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated

The company now has a comprehensive range of electrified vehicles featuring hybrid buses, electric hybrid buses, and all-electric buses for the varying needs of a wide range of cities.


At the UITP Global Transport Summit, the worldwide public transport fair being held this year in Stockholm from 9 to 12 June, Volvo Buses announced the introduction this autumn of an all-electric articulated bus with space for up to 150 passengers.

The new articulated bus is based on the prototypes that have been running in test operations on the high-frequency route 16 in Gothenburg, Sweden since June 2018. The two concept buses have thus far run for 4500 hours and covered more than 62,000km with excellent uptime.

The Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated in commercial configuration will be available in a choice of two lengths—18 and 18.7 metres—and it’s designed to meet high demands on capacity, comfort, and traffic information while at the same time offering efficient passenger flow.

The batteries will be charged both via fast-charge stations at either end of the route, and via overnight charging at the depot using CCS. The Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated will be unveiled to the public at the Busworld exhibition in Brussels in October.

Electric buses are a cornerstone of the next generation of public transport, as Håkan Agnevall, president Volvo Buses, revealed at the UITP congress.

"The transition to sustainable public transport is taking place in cities all over the world. With silent, zero-emission electric buses equipped with advanced safety systems, we can assist cities in solving the problems with emissions, noise, congestion, and traffic accidents to become what we call Zero Cities. In this context, our new high-capacity electric articulated bus a very important tool," says Håkan.

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