Safety MAN Truck recognised at 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Awards

The initiative was recently awarded the runner-up title at the 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Awards 2019

After scoping the Australia Road Safety in the Community Award 2018 and being recognised at an international platform, the Safety MAN Road Safety Truck Initiative was awarded yet another title, this time at the prestigious 3M Traffic Safety Innovation Awards.

Michael Holderness, 3M New Zealand; Susan Freeman-Greene chief executive
Engineering New Zealand; David Boyce, CEO NZ Trucking Association

Accepting the award on behalf of the team, David Boyce, CEO NZ Trucking Association, said, "It was a huge honour and a great reward to get recognised by another industry group for all the great work that the Safety MAN is doing in the communities around New Zealand."

He added that the initiative keeps getting better, with more than 18,000 people already participating in the programme.

"But the goal is to reach more 70,000 but we can’t do it without the industry getting more involved. To date, the programme sponsors have made it all possible but we need the wider industry to get behind it. Every single transport company out there should be supporting the initiative," he said.

The Safety MAN initiative aims to raise awareness among road users about how to share the road safely with big trucks. With school visits, it hopes to inspire the next generation. The programme also engages with truck drivers over common health issues that can affect their driving.


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