Isuzu crowned number one-supplier of new trucks in NZ

Isuzu crowned number-one supplier of new trucks in the light, medium and heavy commercial truck segment in NZ for the 19th consecutive year

Isuzu claimed the light, medium, and heavy commercial truck segment trifecta on its way to achieving phenomenal sales, which helped to coment its position as New Zealand's number-one supplier of new trucks for a record-breaking 19th consecutive year.

"We are undeniably proud to achieve this significant milestone for Isuzu, which is an unprecedented result as we believe New Zealand is the only market in the world which can lay claim to such an accomplishment," says Colin Muir, general manager of Isuzu Trucks New Zealand.


"To be crowned Number One is an achievement in itself, but to do it across all three segments is a remarkable feat."

Key to the success of the brand has been enhanced vehicle reliability, as well as a renewed focus on the end user, says Colin.

"We have worked closely with Isuzu in Japan to ensure our product resonates with Kiwis, as we have a burning desire to be the ‘go-to’ brand when someone has a need for a new truck.

"An example of this was the extensive high-country testing of a 6x4 AMT Tipper, in a variety of challenging situations. It’s all very well explaining a particular condition on a conference call with executives in Japan, but nothing beats a team of Isuzu engineers as well as R&D staff coming to the top of the South Island to witness an Isuzu in action in such a unique environment."

Further to the success of Isuzu is a continuation in the growth of the service side of the business, as well as considerable investment in the brand by dealers around the country.

"Every dollar our business partners invest is another vote of confidence in the brand, which in turn flows through to consumer confidence and peace of mind in our product," says Colin.

"Isuzu Japan has also played a leading role to help foster this confidence through the delivery of some exciting new technology, such as the addition of features which have previously been the domain of the passenger vehicle industry.

"It’s no longer correct for people to perceive Isuzu trucks as lacking technology," says Colin. "They now offer options like advanced driver assistance safety systems akin to what is available in a car or SUV, such as lane departure warning, front collision alert and pedestrian alert.

"Furthermore, Isuzu has also been busy on the product front with the launch of the new automatic-transmission version of the CYZ heavy-duty tipper, and the extremely innovative VN97 N Series light-duty range has advanced emission controls without the need for a particulate filter or AdBlue—which will have particular appeal for rental and multi-operator applications."

In addition to the investment by dealers throughout New Zealand, Isuzu has also been committing resource to ensuring all technicians are trained to the company’s standards.

"Our ultimate aim is to have a network which is never any more than one hour’s drive away from any point around the country," says Colin. "This is a lofty ambition but one we’re dedicated to achieving.

"This is a significant commitment on our part, but is one which will help maintain a point of difference over our competitors and become another key reason people should always consider a new Isuzu more so than any other brand."

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