Isuzu announces launch of heavy-duty 6x4 AMT

Isuzu recently announced the launch of CYZ460 and CYZ530 6x4s, which were tested in New Zealand conditions earlier this year

Isuzu recently announced the launch of CYZ460 and CYZ530 6x4s with Isuzu’s proprietary MJX-16sp Automated Manual Transmission to complement the existing three 18sp Eaton Road Ranger models. 

"Isuzu has been number one in the New Zealand truck market for 18 consecutive years and we’re committed to extending this remarkable run even further," general manager, Colin Muir, says.

"The brand has made huge advancements in quality and reliability, and now we’re striving for the next level in terms of local input into future product initiatives."


The two models were launched as a result of a recently completed research and development programme and findings from the tests were incorporated into the new models.

"The recent programme we participated in reinforces Isuzu’s commitment to New Zealand and is also evidence that we’re committed to ensuring new products are tested and tuned for local conditions," Colin says.

The vast majority of testing for heavy-duty 6x4 AMT took place in combination with Blenheim-based customer, Gills Construction, and Wadsco Trucks Isuzu, where on-board diagnostics were periodically downloaded and sent to Japan for forensic analysis.

The AMT also underwent a Kiwi test when a group of Isuzu Heavy Duty R&D engineers visited the test site at the top of the South Island to put a 6x4 AMT Tipper on HPMV sticker through its paces.

"These are models were co-developed between Isuzu New Zealand and Isuzu Japan specifically for local utilisation and are only available for Isuzu customers in New Zealand," Colin says.

"It’s heartening that Isuzu is prepared to develop models exclusively for New Zealand, especially considering our relatively low volumes compared with other markets. It illustrates the very positive nature of the relationship between the Isuzu factory and Isuzu in New Zealand."

As well as these two all-new Heavy Duty Tipper variants, Isuzu is extending the popular 4x4 FTS800 range with Allison Auto options to complement the Isuzu manual transmission models, all of which will be available in the second half of 2018.

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