XCMG Etrucks to arrive in NZ

XCMG Etrucks to arrive in NZ The XCMG E300 comes with a three-year/150,000km warranty XCMG Etrucks to arrive in NZ
XCMG Etrucks to arrive in NZ The Etruck will be on display at EV World 2018 XCMG Etrucks to arrive in NZ

Electric trucks for commercial use will shortly be available in New Zealand, with the release of the XCMG E300

The E300 is manufactured by the XCMG heavy truck division and will be assembled in the company’s 920,000m2 automated heavy truck manufacturing base, which was opened in 2015.

XCMG says they are the largest construction equipment manufacturer in China, and the Etruck production line can produce 12,000 fully electric trucks every year.

New Zealand distributors Landex says that the E300 electric truck is capable of 250km on a charge, is virtually maintenance free, and, with an automatic transmission, is simple to drive.

The vehicle also comes with a three-year/150,000km warranty.

Landex director Ross Linton says, "We’re very excited about finally getting everything together, so there is an off-the-shelf option for businesses who want to transition to the future of urban transport.

"We see vehicles of this type perfectly suited for cities and provincial towns where there is a lot of stop/start work, and refuse collection is just one small part their intended use. Another use is deliveries of parcelled goods, utility uses—the list is almost endless when you think about it," he says.

The XCMG demonstrator Etruck will be on display at EV World on 10 and 11 August 2018 at ASB Showgrounds.

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