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A recently released video of an acceleration comparison between a traditional diesel-powered truck and one fuelled by Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell system shows the research vehicle travelling out of camera frame in a little more than eight seconds, whereas the diesel truck took a bit more than 14 seconds to cover the same amount of ground.

Both trucks had a gross vehicle weight of 35,000lbs (15,875kg) and show a practical application of the technology being developed by the Toyota research group.

Toyota says they are taking a leap into the future of technology as they look to develop the best mix of regulations and incentives to rapidly expand the market for the cleanest, most efficient big trucks to meet the need for dramatic change in the freight sector.

 "Toyota believes that hydrogen fuel cell technology has tremendous potential to become the powertrain of the future," Toyota Motors North America (TMNA) executive vice president Bob Carter says.

"From creating one of the world’s first mass-market fuel-cell vehicles to introducing fuel cell buses in Japan, Toyota is a leader in expanding the use of versatile and scalable zero-emission technology."

The truck generates more than 670hp (499kW) and 1325 pound-feet (1796Nm) of torque from two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a 12kWh battery. Its estimated driving range is more than 200 miles (321km) per fill.

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