Sponsorship of NZ’s premier motor racing renewed for a three year term

By: Gull, Photography by: V8SuperTourers

Auckland, 21 October 2013 - Motorsport enthusiast and champion of the Kiwi motorist, Gull New Zealand announced that it was extending its sponsorship arrangement with BNT V8SuperTourers, New Zealand’s premier motor racing series, for a further three years.

Sponsorship of NZ’s premier motor racing renewed for a three year term
Gull fuels BNT V8SuperTourers

This follows a highly successful 2013 season that saw all cars competing in the BNT V8SuperTourers switch to Gull Force 10, Gull's 98 Octane petrol.

Gull Force 10 is a high-specification, advanced fuel containing 10% bio-ethanol which reduces the engine temperature as well as creating more power.

Business Development Manager at Gull New Zealand Ulrik Olsen states: "The initial partnership has been an exciting and successful. Not only allowing further integration of the Gull brand into New Zealand motorsport, but also in proving the benefits of Gull Force 10 to the category."

Supplemented with New Zealand-sourced ethanol, Gull Force 10 98 Octane -used by BNT V8SuperTourer drivers – is no different from the fuel motorists get at any Gull station.

"We were confident that Gull Force 10 would provide greater benefit to the teams," says Olsen.

We saw new lap records achieved almost immediately and consistent data from the teams shows a visible increase in engine power.

"Gull Force 10 has already done the job we wanted in terms of proving the benefits of performance.

"We're really happy with how the relationship between BNT V8SuperTourers and Gull has progressed. We also want to continue to show our support to teams in New Zealand Motorsport competing at the highest level," says Olsen.

Gull New Zealand also offers advanced motorists the option of a higher ethanol content fuel – Gull Force Pro which can only be utilised in selected and specifically tuned vehicles able to handle the 85 per cent content.

"Whilst there are no immediate plans for the BNT V8SuperTourer category to step in this direction, it would be great to see the series running on Gull Force Pro" says Olsen.

"If and when that's a viable option for teams in coming seasons, we will definitely support that progression."

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