Old School Trucks: Central Southland Freight—Part 2

By: Dean Middleton, Photography by: Dean Middleton

1 19 The sensational US-imported W900L Kenworth—the most iconic truck to wear�the CSF fleet colours, in my opinion 1 19
2 19 The W900L from the other side. This truck was never hard to photograph. 2 19
3 19 A cool K104 Kenworth Quad/Quad combination 3 19
4 18 ‘ThunderStruck’ was a well-cared-for truck by the driver at the time of the photo in 2018 4 18
5 18 The Iveco brand has found favour in the CSF fleet over the years as seen with this 4500 Iveco Eurotech 5 18
6 19 A later model Iveco named ‘Second Chances’ 6 19
7 18 A wide cab Iveco Stralis 560 named ‘Slice of Heaven’ 7 18
8 18 This Mack Superliner was arguably one of the most ominous-looking trucks in the CSF fleet 8 18
9 18 An 8x4 Foden Alpha on truck-mounted crane truck duties 9 18
10 18 A Hino 700 also fitted with a truck-mounted crane 10 18
11 17 The Freightliner brand continued its presence in the CSF fleet; this Argosy was named ‘Stairway to Heaven’ 11 17
12 18 An eight-wheeler tractor unit Argosy named ‘Home Sweet Home’. My bet is the partners/wives of the driver(s) didn’t name it. 12 18
13 18 This Harley Davidson-themed Freightliner Coronado was a definite standout in the fleet 13 18
14 18 A smart K200 Kenworth Aerodyne 14 18
15 18 Sister truck and another impressive K200 Kenworth 15 18
16 18 For the first couple of years, CSF ran somewhat independently of the Hilton Haulage, however, their influence was apparent when Hilton put several identically spec’d K200 Kenworths on the road, but this was the only one to go into CSF’s livery 16 18
17 18 This Iveco ‘All fired up’ was one of the last trucks purchased under CSF’s ownership 17 18
18 18 The same truck in the Hilton Haulage livery 18 18
19 18 Granted nothing lasts forever, but there’s still a sadness that this line-up will never again be seen at South Island Truck Shows 19 18

This month, Deals on Wheels looks at some of the modern gear along with what has transpired within this transport company

Last month we looked at some Central Southland Freight (CSF) trucks from several decades ago, and this month, we look at some of the more modern gear along with what has transpired within this transport company.

Throughout the early 2000s until 2019, CSF remained Price family-owned, Winton-based, and grew steadily to the point whereby a move was needed to a larger premises on the outskirts of the small but vibrant Southland town. 

Many makes and models continued to adorn the fleet colours with Iveco, Freightliner, and Kenworth being particularly dominant. In my opinion, the most iconic truck in the CSF fleet was the sensational 1999 US-imported W900L Kenworth, which turned heads wherever it travelled, from frontline work to the many truck shows it frequented (not to mention the many prizes it drove away with).

After 35 years in the ownership of the Price family, there was a change of ownership when Timaru-based giant Hilton Haulage purchased the long-standing Southland Transport company in November 2019.

CSF continued to trade as a separate identity with some Price family involvement until early 2022 when the white and maroon fleet fell entirely under the Hilton umbrella. At the time of writing, only one unit remained in the CSF livery and, ironically, the tractor unit is named ‘Last Man Standing’. 

Granted nothing lasts forever, but there’s still a sadness that a CSF line-up will never again be seen at a South Island Truck Show.  

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