TR Group rebrands driver training

The TR Group always felt there should be more support for the person driving the truck, and now they are in the position to fully support that

In April 2016, TR Group increased their stake in established driver training provider Master Drive Services Ltd to 100%, subsequently rebranding it TR Master Drive Services.

Since then, the business has been cementing the position of its new division as a premier heavy commercial vehicle training provider, with a specific focus on helping New Zealand’s heavy commercial vehicle sector operate their vehicles in the safest, most efficient and compliant way possible.


It’s hard not to pick up on the enthusiasm company strategic development general manager Neil Bretherton and national sales manager Shane O’Grady have for their driver training division, especially when talk shifts to training drivers to handle and care for the expensive equipment they use on a daily basis.

"We saw Master Drive Services Ltd as an ideal fit with our business," Neil says, as he explains ‘the pillars’, which support aspects of an organisation. "Obviously training makes up one of those pillars, along with safety," he says. "Safety is paramount to how our business operates."

Neil says in days gone by, a customer would hire a truck and once the paperwork was completed, the truck would be driven out of the yard. "We always felt there should be more support for the person driving the truck, and now we are in the position to fully support that," he says.

Along with providing hands-on wheels on the tarmac training, another area identified by TR Group is around the upskilling of drivers with new technology.

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"In the case of our longer-term lease customers, a lot of them want to know how their drivers are performing and what they can do to help upskill them, especially when it comes to adopting technology found on modern trucks. We offer more than just showing someone how to drive round corners," Neil says.

In the case of TR Group, their driver training division has been able to draw a line in the sand and provide a nationwide network of experienced, qualified trainers at the disposal of TR and its customers.

"Monitoring and performance systems now give us the ability to better understand driving habits, which can help identify the development needs of the driver and the areas our TR Master Drive Services team can assist to improve outcomes," Neil says.

In the age of director accountability, with the use of technology and targeted training delivered exactly where it is needed, TR Master Drive Services has strategically placed themselves in the box seat to provide a unique and sought-after service for any company that operates heavy commercial vehicles. They help increase the number of safe drivers on the road with the added side benefit of providing a valuable community service.

"We really are providing a quality product that benefits all road users and operators of heavy commercial vehicles," Neil says. "It does have a certain feel-good factor to know we are in the position to be able to do this."

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So, while some may think driver training is the primary goal of the TR Master Drive business, Shane points another important aspect of having skilled drivers operating their heavy vehicles.

"If we have quality drivers operating our trucks trained by our network of highly skilled instructors, this will inevitably have a positive impact on minimising costs, downtime, and inevitably result in a much better customer experience with TR Group," Shane says.

"An additional side benefit is that it should also mean the vehicle is worth what we expect it to be worth at the end of its life with us.

"Ultimately, we see ourselves providing a service that has a positive impact on the quality of life for the driver, for the general public, our customers, and TR Group." 

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