Business feature: Cleanco Truck Wash

Save hours of your own time cleaning your rig with Cleanco Truck Wash who has offered to do all your dirty work for you

Having a clean rig is a requirement of many transport contracts these days, and the task of cleaning a truck can consume a considerable amount of time when a wash brush has to be run down the side of some of the larger units that are seen on New Zealand’s roads.


Earlier, the task of keeping a truck clean fell upon the driver and this was generally done either after work or at some time during the weekend, often showing the pride the driver had in their truck.

While this still happens in many cases, an increasing number of transportation businesses are recognising the amount of work it takes to clean a truck thoroughly and the number of hours over and above actual driving time this can incur.

The business

Cleanco Truck Wash operates out of three bases in the North Island—Auckland, Hamilton, and Mount Maunganui—with another soon to be established in Christchurch, Cleanco has recently added a mobile wash service to their offerings.

Company director Richard Vincent says the mobile cleaning unit was a natural fit to the business and considerable research was undertaken to ensure it would comply with New Zealand conditions and environmental best practices.

"We saw convenience for customers as the biggest influence for establishing a mobile unit, as some customers find it difficult to get to us," he says.

Once a decision was made to put a vehicle on the road, Richard and his team looked extensively at what equipment was available and realised that reinventing the wheel was unnecessary when they met the people from Thor Mobile Truck Wash.

"Thor is a mobile-based truck cleaning business operating out of a number of cities in Australia, and their comprehensive equipment and systems aligned with Cleanco’s requirements," Richard says.

The result has been a partnership between the two businesses and introduction of the first mobile truck-washing unit that operates in the Auckland region, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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"We’re very happy with the progress to date," Richard says. "Our peak periods tend to be transport companies’ off-peak periods, so our busy times are when trucks are parked up."

The mobile truck wash unit is fully self-contained with high output water blasters, foaming guns, and cleaning tools to ensure it delivers the same standard of service customers have come to expect from Cleanco.

"Of special importance is the unit’s ability to collect and treat the wastewater, so we can turn up and clean a whole fleet of trucks without any detrimental effect to the premises," Richard says.

As well as convenience, truck owners should also like the cost-effective benefits of the mobile truck wash system, as it reduces the number of hours required from the driver.

Cleanco says they can fit in with a transport businesses schedule, cleaning individual trucks and fleets on a regular rotational basis. 

For more information, visit or call the Auckland depot on 09 622 2020.

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