Old School Trucks: Tulloch Transport Pt 1

By: Dean Middleton

tulloch trucks A Mercedes-Benz 2233 tulloch trucks
tulloch truck 9 An FL112 model Freightliner tulloch truck 9
tulloch truck 8 FLB Freightliners tulloch truck 8
tulloch truck 7 Another Ford Louie tulloch truck 7
tulloch truck 6 A Christchurch-based Nissan CW 330 tulloch truck 6
tulloch truck 5 Livestock CXH Isuzu 370 tulloch truck 5
tulloch truck 3 S-Line International tulloch truck 3
tulloch number two International T-Line tulloch number two
tulloch truck 10 FLB tulloch truck 10

DOW checked out Tulloch Transport old school trucks, taking a look at its history and its evolution over the decades

Tulloch Transport from Mataura in Southland can trace their roots back to 1945 when the late Mac Tulloch purchased a small local transport company.

The Tulloch name became synonymous in the area not only for their red and yellow trucks but also for the fact that Mac Tulloch was a former Mayor of Mataura in the 60s and his son Ian (Inky) Tulloch was the last Mayor of Mataura before it became part of the Gore District Council in 1989.

Inky is also well known for his career in racing saloon cars and racing trucks. The transport operation evolved over the years and when I began photographing the fleet in the 80s, there was a diverse range of makes and models in the fleet.

However, the Isuzu brand did have dominance around that period. Possibly the most renowned of the Isuzus was the iconic ‘Inter Island’ Stock Liners, which travelled most of the country at the time. Other rural work, logging, and general freight also played a significant part in the operation.

Tulloch -truck -4

Other transport companies were acquired and brought under the Tulloch Transport umbrella, two examples being Ross Transport and Dunedin-based Stewarts Transport who were well-known lower South Island entities in their own right.

Freightliners and Ford Louisvilles found favour in the fleet in the mid-90s but still many other brands found their way in to the distinctive livery.

The late 90s and early 2000s saw rapid growth in the linehaul sector and Tullochs became a big player in Interisland general freight with depots throughout the South Island and in Wellington and Auckland.

This was an impressive achievement for a transport company that evolved from a small Southland town.

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