Old School Trucks: Amuri Transport

By: Dean Middleton, Photography by: Dean Middleton

Amuri Transport fleet A rear-mounted crane truck has long been part of the Amuri services. This CXH Isuzu did the crane duties back in the late 90s. Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet As expected with a rural transport operation, fertiliser spreaders have always featured in the lineup Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet Plenty of pre-loved trucks joined the fleet over the years and this Mack Ultra Liner was one of the most impressive second-hand purchases Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet For a time in the late 90s and early 00s, the MAN brand had a strong presence fleet Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet A 30.422 Model MAN on bulk duties Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet A later model 32.463 MAN also on bulk/dropsider duties Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet The cab and chassis of this chunky-looking Mercedes-Benz spreader was a second-hand overseas import Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet An FL10 Volvo on tipper duties Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet A brand new ERF ECS with a MAN-sourced cab was put to work on livestock duties back in 2002 Amuri Transport fleet
Amuri Transport fleet This ex-North Island 143m Scania was a sign of big things to come for the Scania Brand Amuri Transport fleet

DOW takes a look at the Amuri Transport fleet that includes livestock trucks, bulk tippers, and spreaders

It has been almost three decades since one of the biggest transport company collapses in New Zealand history.

The rise of Transpac during the late 80s was impressive, however, their demise a few years later was not, and it left a huge trail of destruction in its wake. Rarely do many positives come out of such a calamity but against the odds, Amuri Transport was one and became the proverbial ‘Phoenix rising from the ashes’.

 Amuri -Transport -fleet -1

With a never say die attitude, eight drivers from Transpac’s Culverden and Waiau depots approached the receivers of Transpac to enquire how they could purchase the Transpac vehicles and two depots.

With grit and determination (not to mention the accompanying financial risks), the eight employees became transport company owners almost overnight and Amuri Transport (1989) Ltd was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

 Amuri -Transport -fleet -2

The rural sector has been the mainstay of work for the Amuri Transport fleet over the years with livestock trucks, bulk tippers/dropsiders, and spreaders making up most of the numbers, however, curtainsiders, crane trucks, and milk tankers among other applications have also made up the numbers.

Most makes and models have graced the Amuri Transport fleet colours with many of the older trucks originally inherited from Transpac and many second-hand and new purchases added or traded along the way.

 Amuri -Transport -fleet -3

In recent years, Japanese brands have joined the ranks, but the Scania brand has gained dominance within the fleet. In saying this, the most recent purchase has come from the rival Swedish brand in the form of a stunning new FH16 Volvo, which is turning more than a few heads on Livestock duties. 

Few would argue that Amuri Transport has come a long way since its inception, starting with some run down old Transpac trucks to running a large fleet of modern trucks we see today. The rise of Amuri Transport epitomises the ‘can-do’ Kiwi attitude and to this day is still living proof of what can be achieved from a disastrous and near impossible predicament.

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