Big boost in NZ AdBlue supply

Big boost in NZ AdBlue supply Big boost in NZ AdBlue supply
Big boost in NZ AdBlue supply Big boost in NZ AdBlue supply
Big boost in NZ AdBlue supply Big boost in NZ AdBlue supply

Truckies across the country will be pleased to know that AdBlue is now more readily available, with a big boost in fuel operators in both the north and south islands supplying the product.

Untreated exhaust gases contain nitrogen oxides which are a major air pollutant. AdBlue is a non-toxic colourless solution that reduces harmful emissions through a chemical reaction in the SCR exhaust system of diesel vehicles. This chemical reaction occurs when AdBlue, which contains urea, is injected into exhaust gas inside the catalyst of the diesel engine.

AdBlue changes into ammonia when it is injected into the high temperature exhaust gas. The resulting chemical reaction transforms harmful NOx (nitrous oxide) into harmless nitrogen and water.

Although a number of generic versions are on the market, AdBlue is the genuine version and is supplied by New Zealand’s only VDA approved manufacturer, Chemsafe Manufacturing Ltd.

Chemsafe director Rod Simmonds says there’s an increasing demand for genuine VDA-approved product, "Many trucks are on maintenance plans that can end up costing owners if something goes wrong with the SCR system and a non VDA-approved product has been used," he says.

For example, in 2015 Hino Australia issued a warning to truck drivers that the use of generic product can easily damage the dosing unit and/or the DCR muffler unit in Hino 700 Series trucks. In late 2015, Mack Volvo also circulated a bulletin warning of poor quality product.

In 2014, Chemsafe became licenced by Cummins South Pacific Inc, to manufacture Cummins Filtration AdBlue for the expanding New Zealand market. Cummins is the world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of diesel engines. Daniel Gallagher, Cummins NZ General Manager says Chemsafe was an obvious choice as it is not only VDA-approved, but the company also has a sustainable business ethos and a focus on health, safety and the environment. "We’ve strengthened our supply chain by coming up with the best company in New Zealand to manufacture Cummins AdBlue," he says.

Chevron’s largest reseller of fuel in New Zealand, Farmlands NZ was the first fuel retailer to install bulk AdBlue tanks in truck stops. The company also supplies top-up packs, drums and IBCs throughout rural and regional New Zealand and can provide home based bulk installations.

AdBlue is now available in over 50 public bulk tanks around New Zealand at various depots, truck stops, weighbridges and dairy factories to service base fleets. Most are around 5000-litres but new sizes of 10,000 litres and more are now available at larger truck stops. Many fleet operators are now opting to have their own AdBlue tanks in their depots as this ensures a secure supply.

Gasoline Alley Services (GAS) were the first fuel suppliers in New Zealand to embrace nationwide supply of AdBlue and now have top-up packs available for sale throughout their 124-plus retail fuel sites around the country. "We’re very proud to be stocking AdBlue," says GAS managing director Tim Ellis. "We identified the value in AdBlue relatively early on and felt there would be advantage to getting this product throughout our network, and doing so quickly," he says.

All GAS service stations throughout New Zealand stock either 10-litre or 20-litre retail packs and many stations can arrange for 200-litre and 1000-litre IBC containers if requested. GAS is also looking to roll out bulk dispenser tanks across a number of sites. "We currently have a bulk tank at GAS Whatawhata near Hamilton and our new site at GAS Avalon Drive will also have a bulk tank, as will GAS Paeroa," says Ellis.

Simmonds says the industry has moved quickly from selling to supplying AdBlue, so access for truckies particularly is being rapidly increased. "We have a growing network around the country now where operators are never far away from AdBlue supply. This has been key to ensuring operators and rural contractors using the latest equipment can get AdBlue where and when they want it."

For more information, phone (09) 238 5959.

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