Bombay Truck Show 2020

By: Earl Edwards, Photography by: Earl Edwards/ Justin Bennett/ Randolph Covich

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P1190496 Super Freight chillax-time P1190496
P1190518 Liberty Belle set a land speed record of 212kph in 1975 for heavy truck class P1190518
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P1190531 A top backdrop for the classic cars P1190531
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UQ4A7954 The big boys were also out on the day UQ4A7954
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UQ4A8092 It’s hard to miss Luke Brinkley’s wide smile UQ4A8092
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UQ4A8280 Aaron Blackbourn and the family take in the sights UQ4A8280
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The Deals on Wheels editor and his team headed down to the first Bombay Truck Show held at The Bombay Rugby Club

The Bombay Rugby Club was an ideal location for a mid-summer show, being located atop the Bombay Hills south of Auckland. The panoramic views from the venue and the nice breeze blowing through kept the large crowd at the inaugural show at just the right temperature for enjoying a great day’s entertainment.

What stood out for me and was commented on by a number of others I spoke to after the event was the atmosphere. Everyone was so friendly, with great attitudes and the kids were just buzzing about the big rigs around and climbing into anything that wasn’t locked.

It was also cool to catch up with some of the many truck industry legends who were able to attend, which included Warren Fairhurst, Billy Brown and Gazz-ex Mainfreight. Thanks must go to head organiser Marieka Morcombe, her helpers and all the sponsors who helped raise money for the charitable event. I can’t wait for the next show in two years’ time and look forward to catching up with everyone again.

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