Video: Workwear House summer safety wear

DOW headed to Workwear House in Hastings where the guys tried out some of their latest gear...

At Workwear House, a trend that co-owner Janice Yang has noticed is her customers are now buying hi-vis day/night wear in line with high visibility standards for safety garments in New Zealand. "Truckers especially require these, whereas previously, they would go for ordinary polo shirts," she says.

The Bisely FLEX & MOVE range of trousers are popular, as they have loads of useful pockets, are 100% cotton, have flexible knee patches, and are engineered for comfort. Their cargo shorts, likewise, have plenty of pocket space.

Other work wear trousers are designed for maximum benefit to the wearer: kneepads, cargo, and cell phone pockets, ruler/tool pockets, and some have Ultraflect® reflective tape. It means you can work and not worry about misplaced bits and pieces, and if your phone rings, you don’t have to scramble to find it.

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