Video: ASV RT-60

Deals on Wheels has a chat with Dalton Ward of Ward Demolition about his fleet of ASV RT-60s.

Currently, Dalton and the Ward Demolition team are nearing the end of the deconstruction of the Downtown Shopping Centre right in the heart of Auckland’s CBD—a huge and highly complex job on reclaimed land, which will see the 1970s-era mall removed to make way for Precinct Properties’ brand new Commercial Bay business and retail hub.

Working inside the ex-shopping mall on suspended floors isn’t the domain of big machines. While Dalton and his team work the high-reach excavator outside, inside the multi-level mall, skid steers and the likes of ASV’s RT-60 track loader are—a bit like busy worker ants—the miniature kings of the worksite.

"The ASV has been exceptional to have on the fleet," says Dalton. "We’ve shifted a couple of hundred tons of rubbish with it at Downtown, and honestly, it has blown us all away with its capabilities."

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