Keestrack Destroyer 1011 impact crusher video

A few months back CJ Industries made a substantial investment when it purchased a Keestrack Destroyer 1011 impact crusher. Watch this machine in action in this short video.

Economically, turning the company’s raw metal resources into useable commodities is a high priority for CJ Industries.

Corrie-Johnston says that he did extensive research on the machines and some people questioned him on the validity of buying an impact crusher, saying they were too expensive to run.

"Yes, they are expensive to run, but the machine puts so much material through that if you put the cost back into dollars per tonne, its good. Also when you start adding the reduction for preparation of asphalt and sealing time through better quality of product, it really stacks up," he says.

"And also it generates more sales because people know you’ve got better gravel. It’s all about quality. That’s why we went for it."

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