Video: full Cat D8R dozer rebuild for Antarctic program

Watch this video to see a Cat D8R Dozer pulled apart and put back together again for the United States Antarctic Program (USAP).

The project started more than 12 months previously as negotiations with the USAP for the rebuild began. The timeframe had to be flexible to accommodate changing weather conditions in Antarctica.

The rebuild took more than 1,000 man hours, which is longer than the rebuild of a normal machine for the local New Zealand market. The team working on the project had to make sure the engine enclosures were able to withstand the uniquely freezing environment at McMurdo.

After completing the reassembly of the engine and transmission, the engine units were then tested and left to run continuously for a time to ensure there were no external leaks and check the performance of the machine.

Once the team had completed their work, the rebuilt re-engineered components were handed back to the workshop teams to reassemble the Cat D8R dozer.

However, this wasn’t just a case of putting the machine back together as it was. Goughs was able to work with the USAP to upgrade the machine to make it more productive and less likely to break down in the harsh Antarctic environment.

Meanwhile, Goughs made adjustments to make the machine more comfortable for its operators – including installing a new cab heater.

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