Teletrac Navman launches Asset Tracker

Software service provider, Teletrac Navman is bringing business's into the 21st century with the launch of their newest asset tracking products, the ATS1 and ATS2

Teletrac Navman is launching its newest asset tracking products, the ATS1 and ATS2, in the New Zealand market for use in multiple sectors including construction, mining, quarrying, transport and equipment rental.


The Asset Tracking Sensors (ATS1 and ATS2) are small battery-powered asset trackers that use 4G communication technology, allowing businesses to easily track, view and manage non-mobile assets.

They are designed for use on both powered and unpowered equipment that is common on construction sites and other work sites such as pumps, generators, trailers, fans, lighting towers, cleaning equipment and more, the company says.

"The launch of our Asset Tracking Sensors adds another premium technology product to Teletrac Navman’s full, integrated suite to digitally transform businesses," says Ian Daniel, vice president Teletrac Navman, Asia Pacific.

"The devices can be used on their own or as part of a complete fleet management solution, so managers can see all their assets’ locations, both moving vehicles and stationary equipment, in one software platform."

Other features of the Asset Tracking Sensors include:

  • Long-lasting and rugged, the self-install kit comes with 3+ years of battery life.
  • IP67 Certified: Confirms that the device is dust tight and protected against immersion in water.
  • Easy to self-install process helps managers get up and running without delay.
  • Theft prevention, with automated unauthorised movement alerts and the ability to switch from "locate" to "track" mode can help managers increase their asset recovery rate.   ​

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