Attach2 takes over Calibre

Calibre Contracting Equipment exit the excavator attachments market; Attach2 takes over designs

Calibre Contracting Equipment (previously JB Attachments) in New Zealand and Australia have decided to cease serving the excavator attachments market, as of 4 June 2019.


Attach2, who have been working with Calibre Contracting over the past few weeks, have purchased the Intellectual Property and full ownership of the Sure-Grip, Heli-Tilt, and Ram-Tilt Couplers. Attach2 have also purchased the remaining stock and parts in for these couplers in New Zealand.

In a press release, Calibre Contracting Equipment Ltd said, "It is time for Calibre to cease serving the excavator attachments markets here in New Zealand and Australia. We are pleased to be handling the IP of our flagship products over to Attach2 Equipment and look forward to seeing them support and continue to grow the market share of these great products throughout the world."

Attach2 will continue to give ongoing parts and back-up support to the current owners and anyone looking at purchasing the couplers can contact the Attach2 team who are in the process of setting up the supply chain for these products.

Attach2 have also employed the core Calibre team in Brisbane to ensure the smooth continuation of the business.

The company will continue to sell and support their Attach2 range of attachments and couplers as normal in New Zealand and will add the range of Calibre couplers to produce, sell, and support.

Calibre Contacting are now closed for business in Australia but in New Zealand have only ceased operation in the excavator attachments market.


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