Texada Software unveiled their Vision X

In February 2018, US-based Texada Software unveiled their Vision X augmented reality system

The company says one of the features of the Vision X system is to allow users to interact with photorealistic 3D models of equipment to carry out repair procedures or virtual disassembly before undertaking the real task. Equipment sales representatives can also use Vision X to demonstrate equipment and view parts.

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The system integrates with inventory and work order management software, allowing a real-time view of parts in stock and enabling ordering directly with the application.

Vision X also allows users to view 3D models of their machinery, giving the asset’s complete service history, telematics sensor readings, and predictive analytics.

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"Vision X represents a digital evolution of equipment maintenance by giving service technicians super powers: perfect memory, X-ray vision, and the ability to make accurate predictions even remotely. 

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It may sound crazy, but through Vision X, these feats become possible," Isaac Ristich, who leads the Vision X project, says.

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