Dust fighter releases new models

Youngman Richardson Co Ltd extends Dust Fighter range with the DF Smart and the DF Mini Duo, specifically designed for indoor and outdoor applications

Youngman Richardson Co Ltd recently extended its Dust Fighter range with the addition of two new models. Smaller and more portable than previous models, the DF Smart and the DF Mini Duo are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor applications.

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The DF Smart Dust Control unit is the smallest of the range, as it’s designed for outdoor jobs. The light and portable unit uses a standard hose connection and single-phase power to disperse a fine mist of water up to 13 metres horizontally to capture dust particles.

The DF Mini Duo is a special version of the DF Mini that’s equipped with a second head on a tripod. Designed to work together or alternatively, the Mini DF Duo is supplied with three different nozzles and can make it ideal for indoor works such as indoor demolitions and renewals.

It’s also suited for asbestos removal since the absence of a fan allows the operator to suppress the asbestos dust without moving it in the air. The DF Mini Duo operates with a single-phase power and uses an on-board tank for water supply or can be attached to a normal hose supply.

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