JT40 offers latest technology

JT40 offers latest technology JT40 offers latest technology
JT40 offers latest technology JT40 offers latest technology

Ditch Witch has released their latest technology with the new JT40 horizontal directional drill (HDD).

The new unit is equipped with two, seven-inch LED displays for a direct, transparent view into all critical machine functions and operations. In addition to the digital displays, the machine’s real-time carriage-position indicator tells the operator the exact carriage location for increased productivity and more intuitive operation.

A multifunctional, radial operator control is highlighted on the display for better control efficiency, including mud flow, rotation, and more. New to the JT40, tracker information is integrated into the advanced displays for enhanced visibility into all job site functions beyond drill operation.

"The JT40 represents the future of horizontal drilling," Seth Matthesen, Ditch Witch senior product manager, horizontal directional drills, says.

"The unit integrates machine data into an innovative display to keep operators informed and productive on the job. As with all of our products, we continue to seek customer feedback to improve uptime, profitability, and performance, and this machine features several new pending patents to do exactly that." 

The machine’s power, provided by a 160-gross-hp, Tier 4 Cummins® diesel engine, is said to give operators 14 percent more horsepower in a smaller package than competitive models in its class.

For greater drilling efficiency, its manufacturers say the JT40 offers an innovative, two-speed, rotational drive system that produces 7457Nm of torque.

The machine is designed to minimise pipe-entry distance, giving operators increased drill pipe support as it enters the ground and holds up to 183 metres of drill pipe on-board—more than its primary competitors, Ditch Witch says.

The JT40 is available with the option of a fully enclosed cab, with premium heat and air capabilities, or an open operator’s station designed with integrated vandal covers.

Both options feature a premium ergonomic seat, extended legroom, and place the operator at a 45-degree angle, which provides leading-edge visibility of all critical vision points.

Featuring a unique add-a-pipe design, operators are able to manually insert multiple sticks of drill pipe once the pipe box is empty, improving overall productivity. With the drill’s fold out, lift-off service doors, operators also gain easy access to daily maintenance points.

The JT40 has no daily grease points, allowing operators to spend less time on maintenance and more time drilling. 

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