Magnum Hire expands IHI fleet

Magnum Hire is not only growing its IHI fleet but are also expanding its own business with a move next year into newer and larger premises.

Magnum Hire

An increase in the amount of equipment has prompted Magnum Hire to make the decision to relocate to Don Bucks Road, Massey and to a much larger site previously occupied by Stevensons.

The move is expected to take place early next year but in the meantime 10 new IHI have arrived and will join six others that, according to Magnum Hire managing director Liam Field, are rarely seen in the yard because they are always in demand.

"The new models are very modern and look the part, not to mention that they are also a smooth piece of machinery, and that’s why the operators like them so much. Also, excavators are much harder to lease when they look old," says Field.

The new IHI excavators range from 1.8 to 5.6 tonnes and are a part of an ongoing plan which has seen Magnum Hire gradually build up its stocks of larger machinery over the last couple of years. "Magnum Hire has a lot more of the bigger gear now and can provide anything from an electric drill to a 40-tonne truck."

While there is a lot of talk about developing the range of larger gear, the variety of smaller equipment is also growing at Magnum Hire. The company has a good selection of chainsaws, brush chippers, light towers and concrete finishing products and is looking to offer a selection of generators in the near future.

Magnum Hire’s relationship with machinery importers Youngman Richardson & Co Ltd started some years ago when it purchased rubber tracks from the company. The relationship has grown substantially since then. "They’re a family business and the attitude of Ed Richardson and the Youngman Richardson team to help me develop my business has just been fantastic," say Field.

"Having sold IHI excavators in the past I know how reliable they are. It goes without saying that I will be buying a whole lot more and will replace all my other excavator brands with IHI’s over time. The same goes with our light equipment and I will probably buy most of that from Youngman Richardson also," says Field.

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