Wormald launches ‘Wormald Connect’ online portal

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Fire protection specialist Wormald has announced the launch of ‘Wormald Connect’, a free web-based portal which gives customers 24/7 access to fire service and testing information.

Wormald launches ‘Wormald Connect’ online portal
The new ‘Wormald Connect’ online portal

Wormald Connect is a transparent solution that lets property and building managers review testing, service and defect call data online at any time. Data can be stored on the portal for analysis or exported in easy-to-read reports online, whenever it is needed.

The portal is ideal for businesses of any size, whether a single building or multiple sites and systems across New Zealand. Each customer is provided with a unique user name and password so they can easily and securely access their fire system information online.

Standard documents and reports are uploaded to the Wormald Connect portal and can be viewed, downloaded or printed at any time. If required, testing summaries can be filtered to suit a customer’s individual needs. Customers are able to check the status of service and defect calls using the search and filter functions, and can access further information at the click of button. To help manage a building’s fire safety information, documents such as 12a, building warrant of fitness and building compliance certificates can also be uploaded to Wormald Connect.

Wormald managing director Peter Fermor said: "Fire protection servicing and maintenance is a vital element of building fire safety but busy facility managers may find it hard to stay on top of things.

"Wormald Connect is a convenient, easy-to-use solution that ensures customers can be kept up-to-date on the servicing procedures being undertaken on their facilities. It allows them to closely monitor their site’s fire safety systems and identify if there are any equipment or system issues.

"Providing quality customer service is an integral part of our business and we are always looking for ways to improve. The Wormald Connect solution has been adopted by many New Zealand companies and the feedback has been very positive."

Iain McKenzie from New Zealand Sugar Company, which currently uses Wormald Connect said, "The portal provides transparency and greatly assists in the management of building safety information. We can quickly and easily access testing and servicing information and download important documentation relating to our building’s fire protection. The reporting functionality is hassle-free so it’s easy to share details with my management team."

As the Wormald Connect service is entirely web based, there is no requirement for customers to invest in software interfaces or hardware technology.

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