Demo and recycling: Southern Demolition

Southern Demolition leverages specialised hydraulic tools from Earthworm Attachments to revolutionise demolition processes and reduce labour costs across its diverse South Island projects

With more than 35 years of demolition experience, Alan Edge, owner/director of Christchurch-based Southern Demolition, is someone who knows his hydraulic tools and the efficiencies they bring to the varied job sites his business works on.

Southern Demolition handles a wide range of projects, primarily throughout the South Island, from residential to commercial and significant industrial demolitions, which include salvage and recycling of as much building material as possible.

The versatility of the rotating attachments allows for easier separation of salvageable products

The introduction of specialised hydraulic processing tools has revolutionised the recovery of building materials, and it’s here that Southern Demolition’s working relationship with equipment provider Earthworm Attachments has reduced labour costs. For Alan, rotating pulverizers are where it’s at.

"Fixed stuff like that are now so far behind the eight-ball, it’s not even funny," says Alan. "I thought 25 years ago, the grab was the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s not even close now."

Allan says that with the inclusion of rotating pulverisers and selector grabs to their asset list, they’ve reduced labour hours on-site.

"We’ve cut our labour by some 60 to 70% and it’s all done by machine," says Alan.


The versatility of the rotating attachments allows for easier separation of salvageable products, such as steel and timber, and makes internal walls and similar structures less cumbersome to remove and handle.

"The rotating grabs are nice and soft to work with, so they don’t grab viciously — a soft claw grab, but they’ve got strength as well," he says.

Alan commends Earthworm Attachments for their products and services. The rock breakers he bought 13 years ago are still as efficient as when he purchased them, he says.

"When we did Carisbrook Stadium in Dunedin, we needed robust rock breakers. We took advice from Earthworm, went with DEMCO, and never looked back," says Alan.

"You go home and sleep at night, knowing you’ve got the right people working with you and you’ve got the right gear for the job — and you’re not battling. We’ve found that working with Earthworm and their suppliers has made us more efficient."

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