Dump trucks: John Deere 310P

The John Deere 310P is the first P series ADT in Australasia, with a rated payload of 28,125kg

Brandt’s Charlie Shephard and Fulton Hogan’s Charles Kuka discuss the 310P’s benefits

As one of the leaders in the global market, John Deere has consistently manufactured innovative products with proven reliability.

In New Zealand, the brand’s distributor has been showcasing John Deere’s articulated dump trucks (ADTs) with the introduction of the John Deere 310P — the first P series ADT in Australasia, with a rated payload of 28,125kg.

The 310P has been a feature at the Takitimu North link project in the Bay of Plenty, a joint venture with Heb Contractors and Fulton Hogan.

John Deere’s JDLink and Operations Center improves uptime and equipment health

With an increasing focus on environmental conservation, Brandt says the 310P will be a major asset to the team on-site, boasting a Tier IV engine that’s designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, which, in turn, reduces carbon emissions.

Equipped with onboard scales and cab monitoring, the 310P provides operators with real-time payload data, fuel percentages, ride control, and other essential information.

Additionally, its downhill assist feature, with a retarder and gears working together, allows operators to hold the vehicle at a safe speed with minimal reliance on the footbrake, thus minimising wear and tear.

The daily servicing points further enhance operational efficiency, as operators can conduct daily checks and maintenance without the need to climb onto the machine.

The Brandt team overviews the 310P’s safe ground-level servicing

With an electric opening bonnet and quick service points accessible from ground level, the process is quicker, cleaner, and greener for the environment, too.

Other features include a factory-fitted reverse camera and better wing mirror visibility, which help improve operator comfort and safety, ultimately boosting uptime and productivity.

Overall, users will find the John Deere 310P is more responsive, with more power and stability, says Brandt.

For more information, contact 0800 433 373 or visit brandt.ca/nz

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