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Since the sale of the manufacturing business Robur Attachments to Attach2 Equipment NZ, Robur Hire continues to operate nationally

Left: Dipperfox delivers up to 42,000Nm in low gear, tackling even the toughest stumps effortlessly Right: Dipperfox stump removal

Sometimes we witness equipment breakthroughs that redefine industry standards, so when Clem Simpkin, general manager of Robur Hire, was searchingn for leading attachments for the New Zealand construction market, he met with global players who were focused on delivering innovative solutions around safety and efficiency. 

Since the sale of the manufacturing business Robur Attachments to Attach2 Equipment NZ, Robur Hire continues to operate nationally, working with international innovators to give Kiwi businesses easy access to world-class attachments that will change the game.

"We’re committed to bringing innovative solutions to our shores that save time, drive efficiencies, and, most importantly, improve safety. In this market, offering solutions that make commercial sense is critical.

"Short- and long-term rental, purchase, or hire-to-buy options enable locals to access world-leading equipment. We’ve set up branches in Kerikeri, Auckland, and Christchurch to ensure the nation is covered. We can tailor the most optimal solutions for local businesses across the country."

Dipperfox stump removal

Clem Simpkin, managing director Robur Hire NZ, with Mina Tadros, director global business development, KEMROC at Intermat 2024 in Paris

Engineered, designed, and made in Estonia, Dipperfox develop smart, easy-to-use, and efficient heavy equipment tools and accessories. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the Dipperfox stump removal tool was born from the team’s firsthand insights.

During time in forests and on construction sites, frequent downtime highlighted the need for better tools. Motivated by this, they created and tested their own solution.

Clem says it’s the speed, strength, versatility, and safety that make Dipperfox stand out.
"I’m really impressed — Dipperfox will transform stump removal across New Zealand. 

Never have I witnessed large, tough stumps demolished with such ease and speed. For New Zealand conditions, these make great sense.

In terms of power, the Dipperfox delivers immense torque, up to 42,000Nm in low gear, tackling even the toughest stumps effortlessly.

"Plus, its smart gear-shifting mechanism adjusts to high gear for faster cutting when the maximum torque isn’t required.

"Dipperfox drills through the stumps and their roots, slicing all the remains deep into the ground. Today, Dipperfox is used in more than 30 countries, receiving accolades globally.
"They have a real focus on safety.

With its slow rotation speed (60rpm), debris and woodchips remain controlled, ensuring a safer work environment," says Clem.

Boasting only two blades easily sharpened with an angle grinder, it minimises moving parts, reducing maintenance hassles when compared to traditional stump grinders.

As an add-on for excavators, Dipperfox can offer exceptional value, fitting various sizes and models without requiring the purchase of a complete stump grinding machine, Clem says.

"And they’re versatile. Beyond stump grinding, they seamlessly transition to other tasks, such as cone/log splitting or high-torque drilling. While these features alone make a compelling case, there’s much more to discover, such as its unusually quiet operation."

Pipeboss pipe handling

Another addition delivering both ease and safety is Pipeboss. Helping revolutionise pipe handling, the Pipeboss attachment facilitates mechanical pipe movement and precise placement, enabling workers to maintain a safe distance and significantly reduce injury risks.

The Pipeboss attachment holds the pipe in a fixed position, with any movement controlled directly by an operator

Controlling all kinds of pipes from swinging when laying, the Pipeboss attachment holds the pipe in a fixed position, with any movement controlled directly by an operator.

Using the attachment means no free-moving pipes with chains or sling combinations, which both require handlers in the trench.

Pipeboss is versatile and can grip and manipulate all types, from small plastic pipes and heavy fence posts to large concrete pipes with a diameter range of 200mm to 925mm and a maximum lifting capacity of 3000kg.

"Changing diameter is easily adjusted by simply moving the jaws laterally to suit the pipe size being laid," says Clem. "This is a game changer when it comes to safety.

Pipeboss is equipped with a patented pressure sensing system

You can accurately place pipes without the need for people in the trench or working in a danger zone. The Pipeboss rotates, has a camera so you see what’s going on from inside your excavator cab, and it’s equipped with a patented pressure sensing system, so it won’t crush the pipe no matter what the material."

During a recent trip to Europe, Clem also secured sole New Zealand distributor agreements for several leading brands, adding to their existing, extensive range of products. Among the additions are KEMROC, Maxbrio, SMS Vibro, and CMB. 

KEMROC cutting and trenching

KEMROC Rotary Drum Cutter

KEMROC helps deliver exceptional performance and innovation in cutting and trenching. With more than two decades in the industry, German-manufactured KEMROC attachments are robust, strong, and reliable.

The manufacturer is constantly developing new solutions for demolition, construction, and mining applications.

Their Rotary Drum Cutters efficiently, accurately, and safely remove almost any material from concrete, rock, or wood, says Clem, adding that it’s a smart and versatile attachment for Kiwi businesses.

As excavator attachment specialists, Robur Hire now has a range of excavators in their fleet, both new and used, for hire, purchase, or rent to own.

With a full-service offering and a team of specialist technicians, the focus is delivering the right gear to keep New Zealand businesses moving.

For more information, call 0800 762 874 or visit

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