Business feature: Hirst Civil & Cartage

For Hirst Civil & Cartage, Kobelco machinery has ensured reliable performance, operational efficiency, and consistent quality on every project

Jason Hirst with the latest addition to his fleet, the SK140SRLC-7

Jason Hirst, founder of Hirst Civil & Cartage, started his career as an excavator operator straight out of high school. He invested in his first excavator, a Kobelco SK55SRX, and recruited his father as a truck driver.

Four years ago, he delved into entrepreneurship, which has been a mix of achievements and challenges. Embracing the challenges of maintenance schedules, optimising fuel usage, and striving for operational effectiveness, he approaches the business world with resolve.

Yet, among the challenges, are moments of pure joy — those instances when he found himself lost in the rhythm of the digging work, parallel to a kid lost in the immersive world of a sandpit, as he describes.

Jason’s business has established a prominent position in the excavation sector, providing a wide range of services from bank stabilisation to complex waterway restoration, though their expertise extends beyond earthmoving.

Prior to Jason Hirst and his team’s enhancement work, Parnell Inlet required renovation work

One standout project in Jason’s portfolio is in Ngahere Terrace, Central Auckland, involving the Parnell Inlet upgrade and stream remediation. Here, his team’s expertise and Kobelco excavators proved instrumental.

Jason is currently focusing on the Hoteo River in Rodney, where he faces numerous challenges but also enjoys rewarding outcomes.

With an SK140SRLC-7 excavator, his team skilfully manoeuvres through the rough terrain, carrying out precise work along the riverbank.

Parnell Inlet after the renovation

Whether it’s carving out benches or placing rocks with accuracy, the excavator’s agility and power play a crucial role in ensuring the project’s success.

Having a strong preference for Kobelco excavators, Jason’s loyalty is deeply rooted in his firsthand experiences. From the compact SK55SRX to the sturdy SK140SRLC-7, each excavator has made a significant impact on his journey, showcasing reliability, innovation, and top-class performance.

Among them, Jason says that the SK140SRLC-7 stands out for its user-friendly design, fuel efficiency, and intuitive controls.

Jason’s endorsement of the SK140SRLC-7 is not just based on his extensive experience but also on his proven track record of success.

In the ever-evolving world of excavation, Jason serves as a role model for many individuals in the industry who aspire to start their entrepreneurial journey. His story demonstrates that with dedication and perseverance, one can achieve any goal.

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