Screening and crushing: Earthworm Attachments

Earthworm Attachments' line-up of screening buckets caters to a wide variety of machinery

Gyru-Star 3-120L screening bucket

Earthworm Attachments, a leading supplier of hydraulic attachments in New Zealand, has a variety of screening buckets, which, according to the supplier, have the potential to significantly decrease waste and increase profitability by turning the normally discarded waste into a usable product.

With screening bucket options available for machinery ranging from 1.7-tonne compact excavators to 20-tonne heavy-duty loaders, Earthworm Attachments’ line-up caters to a wide variety of machinery.


Gyru-Star 4-150HDX screening bucket

Since 2008, UK-based manufacturer Wheatway Solutions has been producing screening systems for the compact attachment market under the Gyru-Star brand name. Over the years, these compact screening systems have become a choice for professionals seeking a
non-destructive screening solution.

The innovative design of Gyru-Star, featuring flexible poly stars, allows for quick screening of materials without being crushed, shredded, or torn.

These versatile attachments are beneficial in New Zealand’s diverse conditions. The Gyru-Star range is compatible with almost any excavator, loader, telehandler, tractor, or skid steer.

Thanks to the superior design and engineering, Gyru-Star screening buckets excel at producing high-quality, usable topsoil even in damp conditions.

Earthworm customers have reported remarkable production rates, with some achieving an impressive 130 cubic metres per hour using just one 20-tonne excavator.

Another customer utilised two 13-tonne excavators equipped with screening buckets to backfill a 25km pipeline, eliminating the need to cart in bedding material.


The Multavex buckets can be used in a wide range of applications

Earthworm Attachments is also the distributor for the Finnish-manufactured Multavex buckets. These cost-effective units offer a unique concept, featuring a shaker screen that allows for simple and quick changes in screen size.

This makes them ideal for users who need to screen rock and change the material often.

The buckets can be used in several applications: pre-screening material loaded into a crusher in a quarry, digging out of a river, and screening out only the boulders for soak pits.

Additionally, the units can be changed in a matter of minutes, and screening grids can be clipped in to take them right down to small materials.

On-site screening

Multavex buckets feature a shaker screen

From Gyru-Star’s innovative compact screening systems to Multavex’s customisable shaker screen buckets, Earthworm Attachments has an extensive range of hydraulic attachments and offers solutions tailored to the diverse needs of customers across various industries. 

They are committed to helping Kiwi customers find the perfect screening solution for their projects. Their specialists can advise on the best alternative to suit job requirements and prove the benefits and efficiencies of being able to screen on-site.

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