Cover story: Ammann articulated light roller range

Youngman Richardson is delivering the new Ammann Series -2 tandem, articulated light roller range to New Zealand

Ammann has released a new series of light tandem rollers that achieve greater compaction and are easy to operate, transport, and maintain. According to New Zealand distributor Youngman Richardson, the range of rollers and pavers continues to grow, and its brand presence is stronger now than ever before across the country’s landscape.

"The launch of the new ARX Series -2 (second generation) light tandem roller range heralds the commitment to an even higher level of technology from Ammann," says Youngman Richardson sales director, Phil Fairfield. "With a legacy stretching back over 150 years, they’ve got what it takes when it comes to producing outstanding soil and asphalt compaction equipment. With that said, we’re confident in the knowledge that with the groundwork well and truly done, the new and improved ARX Series -2 will provide benefits and features that are a step ahead."

Innovative articulation joint

The the new Ammann Series -2 tandem, articulated light roller range

The new ARX Series -2 light tandem roller range, with an operating weight ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 tonnes and rolling widths between 820mm and 1380mm depending on the model, introduces an innovative articulation joint; it allows for swift drum adjustment, seamlessly transitioning between offset and in-line configurations.

In the offset mode, operators focus on one drum, knowing the second drum remains a safe distance from obstacles, ensuring cohesive compaction right up to barriers. On more open job sites, the in-line setting, which evenly distributes compaction forces, is the preferred choice. Additionally, a new vibratory circuit setting enhances compaction speed and quality by delivering optimised vibratory frequencies, with the added advantage of what Ammann says is a totally maintenance-free vibration system.

ECOdrop feature

In offset mode, operators focus on one drum, knowing the second drum remains a safe distance from obstacles

Productivity, ergonomics, serviceability, and sustainability play key roles in the new ARX Series -2. This is achieved through Ammann’s unique ECOdrop feature, which focuses on reducing the volume of fluids required to make service points extremely accessible and make sure all new products are environmentally friendly.

"Engines meet EU stage V and US EPA Tier 4f emissions, minimising environmental impact," says David O’Callaghan, area sales manager, Ammann Australia/New Zealand. "Also,
the serviceable items of the ARX range are super easy to access, which means your crew spends minimal time maintaining and lots more time compacting."

Operator platform

The spacious operator platform provides comfort that helps the operator stay focused and productive. New features include a four-way sliding seat together with a simple and reliable dashboard as well as enhanced operator visibility. Controls are logically located and intuitive. Switches for lights and vibration have been repositioned for optimal access. A new armrest with an updated layout and integrated functions, including parking brake, helps even unseasoned operators succeed.

More roll-up solutions

More products mean more roll-up solutions. These machines have a broad range of benefits, including performance, functionality, safety, and the reduced cost of ownership.

Locally, there are 10 models in the new line-up with four of these being combination units, which utilise steel drums in front and pneumatic tyres in the rear for higher machine traction and improved sealing of surfaces.

In addition, Ammann has released its new zero-emission eARX26-2 fully electric model, which is planned for release soon to the local market.

The Ammann range of compaction equipment continues to grow and remains firmly at the forefront of New Zealand’s civil construction industry. According to David, business owners praise the machines because of a broad range of benefits, including great performance, functionality, safety, and the reduced cost of ownership.

ARS single drum roller

Along with the popular ARX range of light tandem rollers, the other product that has caught everyone’s attention has been the ARS single drum roller range with an operating weight of between three and 22 tonnes.

With a drum working width of 1200mm to 2130mm, this range of heavy-duty rollers has been designed with safety and compaction performance features, which provide high efficiency and productivity.

The use of hydrostatic drive and the Ammann ‘no-rear-axle’ concept improves stability, while the Ammann Traction Control ensures exceptional gradeability and traction. Another advantage is increased safety through better visibility during operation.

ARR 1575 trench roller

The ARR 1.5T multi-purpose articulated compactor performs well in cohesive soils such as clays, which can be difficult to compact

The Ammann ARR 1575 trench roller is a 1.5-tonne multi-purpose articulated compactor that performs well in cohesive soil types, such as clays, which can be difficult to compact. The machine can overcome the high moisture content through extreme compaction energy and the kneading effect of their padfoot drums.

Ideal for pipeline construction, commercial, residential, and industrial development, it’s said to be great for working in confined space applications such as structure backfill work and electric and cable installation.

It also comes with ACE compaction technology, which is an automated compaction measurement and control system that helps to eliminate unnecessary passes during operation and guarantees satisfying compaction results. The remote-control function reduces the need for the operator to be in the trench with a remote range of between two to 20 metres.

Heavy articulated tandem rollers

The AFW 150 mini wheeled asphalt paver is ideal to pave footpaths, repair work in narrow areas, and do small road repairs

The AVX and ARX range of heavy articulated tandem rollers have been developed to meet the demands of today’s road-building projects. With an operating weight range of 7.3 tonnes to 16 tonnes and a drum width of between 1450mm and 2130mm, it can compact asphalt sublayers and wearing courses as well as gravel and soil. The unique design reflects the combination of high-performance compaction with operator safety and comfort.

Mini wheeled asphalt paver

The AFW 150 mini-wheeled asphalt paver is so simply designed and compact that it’s a wonder why somebody hasn’t thought of it before. Ammann says without a competitor in sight, the unit is the only machine that efficiently uses its screed width of between 800mm and 1650mm to pave footpaths, handle repair work in narrow surroundings, and do small road repairs with minimum disruption to traffic. As well, the Ammann AFW 150 is said to be perfect for paving areas where cable installation is required.

The partnership rolls on

The ARX -2 series articulation joint allows for swift drum adjustment, seamlessly transitioning between offset and in-line configurations

Based in Switzerland, Ammann has been family-owned since 1869 and is a global business that continuously strives to be innovative and customer-focused. From large concrete mixing plant to soil and asphalt compaction, the company has developed and manufactured technologically advanced sustainable products associated with the roadbuilding industry.

In 1999 and just before celebrating their own 20 years in business, Youngman Richardson founders Bob Youngman and Tim Richardson secured the sole New Zealand distributorship for Ammann heavy construction products.

Ammann values its relationships and the input it has from its various dealers worldwide and is committed to enhancing its reputation to achieve better final outcomes. In fact, with Ammann product development teams, manufacturing divisions, and regional offices strategically located, it can transform feedback from partners like Youngman Richardson into future-proofing its products with sustainability top of mind.

The service rolls in

Youngman Richardson has always been committed to customer support and has the workshop facilities and a professional team of mobile mechanics to match. Purpose-built mobile service utility vehicles located in all branches have been specifically fitted out to handle planned and unplanned maintenance across all equipment.

Youngman Richardson’s aftersales support powered by cloud-based YR Connect Asset Security & Service assists its customers with the servicing, maintenance, and security of its construction equipment assets, all from their mobile phones.

For more information, contact Youngman Richardson Auckland head office 09 443 2436; Mt Wellington, Auckland 09 553 5470; Wellington 04 212 2456 or for South Island enquiries 03 341 6923. Alternatively, visit

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