Profile: Venieri 163C wheel loader

By: Randolph Covich, Photography by: David Lott

The Ed visited a Hamilton business that has purchased a Venieri loader for their busy landscape product supply yard

In my eight years of being the editor of Deals on Wheels, I’ve met numerous business owners. They’re busy people, managing their staff and their machines, and usually only have enough time for small, quick,—and sometimes—abrupt e-mail conversations before a day is decided for the team to go out and interview them.

But my conversations with Bob Weir, owner of Complete Landscaping Supplies, were just a tad different, to the point that it almost felt a bit corporate-like.

The rear axle can oscillate up to 24 degress

"This guy isn’t your usual landscaping yard owner," I told David (the photographer of the day) as we road-tripped to their location.

Positioned among some heavy industrial businesses in Frankton on the outskirts of Hamilton, Bob Weir’s business supplies some 40-plus bulk bin products and around that number again of other landscaping-related products from a well-stocked Wickham
Street yard.

Bob Weir and Karyn Sykes

Having purchased the business around 18 months ago, Bob, with the help of competent and dedicated staff, has been busy upgrading the original base range with extra products, additional equipment, and more recently, a new yard loader in the form of a 3.6-tonne, Italian-made Venieri 1.63C model supplied by Endraulic Equipment.

Venieri design

Powered by a 50hp Yanmar engine and unlike some other brands in the marketplace, Venieri are 100% designed at the Venieri Design Center.

They feature a rear oscillating axle normally seen on larger wheel loaders, a rear tool carrier with electric connections for attachments (see sidebar on page 40), and a large tyre selection enabling use in a number of different industries; landscaping yards being just one example.

A logical move


"We had a fairly reliable older machine, but as it goes with yard loaders, they are the backbone of a business like ours so you can never run the risk of a breakdown," says Bob.

After replacing the yard truck, the next logical move was a newer loader, or in the case of Complete Landscaping, taking it one step further and purchasing a brand-new machine.

This is where my earlier suspicions were confirmed, as it turns out Bob’s prior life experiences consisted of high-level corporate business management, with his time these days taken up by various board appointments, business mentoring, and book authoring on, you guessed it, business.

"This is probably the last thing I would have thought I’d be doing at this time of my life, but there’s just something about getting out and dealing face to face with people and products," says Bob. "It kind of feeds the soul, as some would say."

So, the reason this comes up in conversation is that it appears Bob’s business mind was put to work evaluating replacement wheel loaders for the busy yard and it wasn’t long before the Venieri brand fell into the cost analysis.

Cost-effective option

As anyone looking at buying these days would attest to, the selection is seemingly limitless in most categories and small wheel loaders is no different with manufacturers offering options on many levels and prices ranging from the ridiculously cheap to the far end of the scale.

And while Bob isn’t too forthcoming with the exact price he paid for his new Venieri loader, one thing is for sure; he made certain it would be a reliable and cost-effective option for his business that presented a strong return on investment.

"From our research, we found Venieri wheel loaders supplied by Endraulic, although what really secured the sale was that they brought a machine in and let us test it in a real working situation," says Bob.

From here, yard manager Karyn Sykes takes up the conversation. "The machine performs really well and even though the bucket looks a bit smaller than the older machine, the capacity is the same size," she says.

"We’ve only had it just over a month, so it’s early days yet, but already I’m very happy with its performance."

Reach capabilities

The maximum dump height of 2295mm is more than the previous loader’s capabilities

Karyn points out that while it’s a similar weight and size to the older loader, at 3490mm maximum reach and a dump height of 2295mm, its capabilities are more. "It means so much to us to have that extra reach, especially when loading trucks; it’s probably the most important advantage for us," she says.

On-board greasing

To help keep the 1.63C loader maintained and lessen daily maintenance duties, an on-board greasing system was installed.

"Blair and the team from Endraulic were very good to deal with and fitted the Venieri up with additional options such as the on-board greasing, which isn’t that common on smaller machines I am told," says Bob.


A varying tyre range is available for different uses

So while the Venieri loader has been on deck for only a few weeks, the outlook is promising with the machine ticking a number of boxes, enabling Complete Landscaping to provide the level of service and reliability they intend for the business to fulfil the needs of its customers and financial outgoings.

"We’re certainly happy with the support and help Endraulic gave us to put together a package that suited our needs," says Bob.

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Venieri 1.63C wheel loader specifications

Make and model Venieri 1.63C
Weight 3600kg
Engine Yanmar 4TNV88
Max power 36kW (50hp)
Rated rpm 3000
Transmission Hydrostatic 2 fwd/ 2 rev
Brakes Disc
Rear axle Oscillating 24-degrees
Max reach 3490mm
Max dump height 2295mm
Breakout force 3840mm

Venieri attachments

  • Angle roll sweeper
  • Sweeper
  • Mixing bucket
  • 4-in-1 bucket
  • Angle dozer blade
  • Snow blade
  • Grab for wrapped bales
  • Grapple bucket
  • Grapple fork
  • Grass cutter
  • Front cutting head
  • Round bale fork
  • Laser angle dozer blade
  • Auger
  • Snow blower
  • Pallet fork


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