Event: Diesel Dirt & Turf

Photography by: Justin Bennett

DSC07579 DSC07579
DSC07571 DSC07571
DSC07574 DSC07574
DSC07576 DSC07576
DSC07577 DSC07577
DSC07580 DSC07580
DSC07581 DSC07581
DSC07583 DSC07583
DSC07584 DSC07584
DSC07588 DSC07588
DSC07592 DSC07592
DSC07593 DSC07593
DSC07594 DSC07594
DSC07595 DSC07595
DSC07597 DSC07597
DSC07600 DSC07600
DSC07601 DSC07601
DSC07602 DSC07602
DSC07604 DSC07604
DSC07611 DSC07611
DSC07612 DSC07612
DSC07617 DSC07617
DSC07618 Hero shot DSC07618 Hero shot
DSC07621 DSC07621
DSC07628 DSC07628
DSC07633 DSC07633
DSC07636 DSC07636
DSC07638 DSC07638
DSC07647 DSC07647
DSC07650 DSC07650
DSC07653 DSC07653
DSC07657 DSC07657
DSC07658 DSC07658
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See our pics from the Diesel Dirt & Turf event held in Sydney recently

This was the heavy equipment show Australasia was waiting for, after being postponed due to the global pandemic. Thousands of visitors braved the sometimes-dodgy weather to see all their favorite brands on show, along with the newcomers to down under who are quickly making their track marks on jobsites known. 

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